Why Join Us?

In 1974 we invented Superplastic Forming and we are proud of what we have achieved since. A career at Superform means joining the world’s leading supplier of Superformed components for a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, rail transportation, medical and architecture.

We are lucky enough to have a highly skilled, innovative workforce recruiting in areas such as press technicians, setters and operators, welders, maintenance engineers, Sheet Metal Workers, CNC and Laser Technicians, Setters and Operators as well as functions such as CAE, Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, HR, Finance, Operations, Quality and Projects. Over 56% of our employees have been with Superform for over five years.

We aim to provide every employee with the potential to develop either in their current role, a lateral role or in a more senior position. We are always looking for talented, driven individuals in a variety of business areas, for your chance to join us in a fast-paced, innovative and dynamic environment please contact:

Superform UK, Worcester: Sadie Tandy-Gray, HR Manager and Learning and Growth Team Leader careers@superform.net

Superform USA, California: Angela Rayfield, HR Manager and Learning and Growth Team Member careers@superform.net