Optimising the Performance of High Strength Automotive Alloys

Superform has developed a number of hot forming technologies to form high strength alloys into complex shapes for automotive structures and skin panels.

To achieve maximum strength a final heat treatment after forming is required to achieve properties in excess of 300MPa. Superform has over 40 years’ experience of heat treating structural aerospace components and the heat treatment of automotive components is a natural process evolution enhancing our offer to our automotive Customers. To meet the growing demand for high strength alloys we have invested in 2 heat treatment ovens suitable for the thermo-processing of heat treatable alloys. Using our years of material science experience we have developed the ability to optimise the strength and in service mechanical properties of individual components by varying the heat treatment cycle. Optimising the heat treatment cycle increases the strength of a component and can give the designer the potential to achieve weight savings of up to 20%. For more information e-mail sales@superform.net