The Superforming processes offer unique benefits for manufacturers designing lightweight structures combining complex form with reduced part count

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BIW Pressings & Enclosures

The Superforming process has been used in several major OEM automotive projects to enhance vehicle styling and has established itself as a design solution for niche vehicle manufacture. Using this unique process has enabled the world’s leading car makers to:

  • Accelerate prototype vehicle build and engineering development
  • Reduce investment costs
  • Reduce complex assemblies

After forming the sheet reverts back to its room temperature properties and still has 22% elongation to enable flanging and clinching to be performed. The Superforming process can achieve an A class surface as the external surface of the panel never comes in contact with any tools. The sheet is forced onto the tool using air pressure which ensures the best surface quality. Forming at 500 degrees Celsius greatly enhances the formability of the sheet allowing it to conform to any concave or convex shape without any spring back, achieving styling features otherwise impossible with standard forming techniques. Superform tools are single surface tools that enable quick manufacture and eliminate the need for a try out period.

Superform is an established global supplier in Europe & North America supplying lightweight body structures including:

  • Door Assemblies
  • Bodysides
  • Door Rings
  • Deck Lid Assemblies
  • Tonneau Assemblies
  • Engine Cover Assemblies
  • Tunnels
  • B Pillars
  • Cantrails
  • Roof Structures
  • Bulkheads
  • Footwells
  • Exterior Body Panels